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Ultra Energy Efficient Solar (Battery) Powered Freezer(BR170F)

  • BR170F
  • 170L
  • DC12V/24V
  • 58W
  • 804(L)*750(W)*995(H)
  • 862(L)*751(W)*992(H)
  • 45/51
  • 38PCS/20GP 126PCS/40HQ
  • Max﹣22℃
  • DC cable, AC/DC adaptor(optional)
  • PU /110mm/ CFC Free
  • R134A
  • CE
  • Outer shell: Prepainted Steel Cabinet Plate : Galvanized Steel , 4 Castors ,bottom drainage, PVC gasket
  • External Rotor , Brushless DC compressor
  • Fin coil
  • tube on sheet , low pressure designed suitable for DC compressor
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* Fully hermetic domus compressor with integrated control electronics.                                                                                  

*LED precisely temperature control and set temperature +15 to -22 free.                                

* Inner fan to force air circulation to insure temperature uniformity.                   

*Automatically turn off when low input voltage to protect product.                                            

*With single top door and strong door iron lock                       

*Enviroment-friendly refrigerant R134a  *Insulation 110mm  for saving more energy                                             

*Connect with DC power source directly e.g solar power source                                            

*Connect with AC power source through an AC/DC adaptor                                                   

*Can store the medicine                                           

*High temperature resistance design and energy saving design

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