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Ultra Energy Efficient Solar (Battery) Powered Freezer(BR433F)

  • BR433F
  • 433L
  • DC12V/24V
  • 75W
  • 1613(L)*736(W)*965(H)
  • 1660(L)*750(W)*1015(H)
  • 86/92
  • 20PCS/20GP 56PCS/40HQ
  • Max﹣22℃
  • DC cable, AC/DC adaptor(optional)
  • PU /110mm/ CFC Free
  • R134A
  • CE
  • Outer shell: Prepainted Steel Cabinet Plate : Galvanized Steel , 4 Castors ,bottom drainage, PVC gasket
  • External Rotor , Brushless DC compressor
  • Fin coil
  • tube on sheet , low pressure designed suitable for DC compressor
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1:110mm insulation wall ,CFC Free
2: 60% solar panel&battery saved comparing to the similar normal types of freezers
3:Freezing to -18C even ambient temperature at 43C
4:No Trouble to drain out the battery time to time
5:Keep frozen foods for 12hrs even power off
6:Ultra Energy Efficiency
7:Automatic detection of voltage
8:Used as fridge or freezer
9:Suitable for all DC applications
10:Low maintenance and easy to clean
11:Electronic protection functions
12:Reverse polarity protection
13:Deep discharge protection
14:Optimized Cooling System
15:Battery powered directly , Suitable for Wind orSolar power&Grid Power
16:2Solid lids Plus 4glass lid to lock the cold
17Extremely strong Lid,Hinge and freezer body
18:Celsius Scale/ Fahrenheit temperature scale
19:Intelligent to operate under former presetting
20:Self-Detecting 9 faulty & alarm
21:Cabinet lighting lamp
22:High temperature resistance design and energy saving design
23:Fully numerical Controller
24: Condenser:Air Forced Fin Coil , Suitable for Tropical Climate.
25:15% battery cost during maintenance against normal type
26:Self-Locked DC Cord Plug
27:Built-in backup Temperature probe
28:Ideal for Household , Cottage, dairy farm, rural country side ,cold chain, grocery ,ice cream vendor etc.


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